Another Awesome Review from Mstrinity143! World of Squishies Exclusives are HOT.

Hey squishy-squishers, hope you're all surviving this summer heat. It is SO hot here in Philly! I am literally 9 months pregnant, so I am like dying here. Thank god for popsicles! How would I live without them?!?

Annnnyways, I wanted to share with you another great unboxing video with one of our new World of Squishies Exclusives. I know, I know...They are some of our higher priced items. But if you're planning to collect a bunch of squishies (which, let's face it, it's hard NOT to do!) you actually make out great with these pre-wrapped sets because you score a bit of a bulk discount PLUS shipping is included within the United States. When you throw in our current discount offer, you are saving a lot. Ch-Ching! Ch-Ching! Ch-Ching!

Tune in now to see the special DISCOUNT CODE for Estrella's fans!

Thanks again to Estrella for such a nice, long video that really helps show this awesome product. Enjoy these first weeks of summer break...WoooHooo!
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