Custom Squishy Design Inquiries

Seeking production for a custom squishy design? We can help!

   World of Squishies does offer customization, but the Custom Squishies Form is no  longer live on due to a high volume of spam. Inquiries must now be submitted through the Contact Us form.

   Minimum quantities for ALL CUSTOMIZATION is 5,000 pcs. For example, if you need the same design in two different colors your order will require a minimum of 10,000 pcs, 5,000 of each variant. If you are not able to meet this minimum, please do not submit a request because we can not make exceptions to this policy.

   When submitting your inquiry, please include the following information or your inquiry CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED.

- Name and location of your registered business or organization

- Quantity of squishies desired

- Description of shape, color, scent and style of desired product

- Ship-to zip code

- Desired delivery date

- Target per-piece retail price if applicable

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