iBloom Peaches...The Most Famous Squishy on the Internet

The iBloom Peach Squishy: It's like the white rhino of the squishy world! Many people get into squishy collecting just because of this one infamous gem. So why does it draw so much attention?
We just got in a boatload of these premium squishies so I thought I'd take a minute to explain...
iBloom Peaches Shipment at World of Squishies
The iBloom Peach Squishy became wildly popular early on in the squishy craze. Everything about it had appeal -- The name, the beautiful pearly finish, the lovely sweet scent, and of course the attractive peach shape  (which has now been joked about so much that iBloom's competitor Puni Maru produced an adult version of their classic Peach Squishy).
Peach EmojiPeach EmojiPeach Emoji
The genius behind the IBloom Peach is that it resembles a stress ball. Not everyone knows what squishies are, but we are allllll familiar with stress balls! IBloom dreamed up this product which works both as stress-relieving squeeze toys (which have long been used in office settings and at home), and as a totally new category of memory foam collectibles...which we now know as SQUISHIES! Although the iBloom peach wasn't the first squishy, it was the one that caught on and was most memorable, and it remains the most searched squishy online.
And now, as I write to you from the World of Squishies office, I can offer many styles of this epic squishy from iBloom! We have options in color and size, and you will fall in love with all of them. Check out our iBloom Peach selections now while we have this wonderful new inventory!
Jumbo iBloom Peach Squishies
Medium iBloom Peaches
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