Last Call For EASTER...Plus, Lots of New Squishies to Swoon For!

You'll Love our Easter Squishies!

We have adorable spring-themed squishies on along with our popular Loaded Easter Basket.
Let us do the work for you, or create your own Easter medley with our great selection of individual squishies!

*Note that Delivery times shown at checkout are an estimate provided by the shipping courier and not a guarantee

World of Squishies Loaded Easter Basket

But Even More Important...NEW SQUISHIES!

Our collection just gets better and better...working here is the best! Check our New Arrivals for some exciting squishy styles we just unpacked today.
Also, be sure to stop by our Coming Soon collection because in the next few weeks we have a literal boatload of fabulous PREMIUM squishies arriving. This shipment includes a couple rare designs as well, so stay tuned!
Coming Soon Collection at World of SquishiesNew Arrivals at World of Squshies
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