The Cinnamaroll Gang - Sanrio's Kawaii Puppies You NEED to Know About


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Cinnamaroll Flying Logo
Sanrio has been uber popular for decades. It was founded all the way back in 1960! Their characters are simple and cute, and they have the best backstories! Sanrio was really way ahead of their time because Japanese pop culture and the KAWAII trend only became wildly popular In that last 15 years or so, when eating sushi and reading manga became a regular part of life here in the states. Soon after, Americans gained a huge interest in Japan's awesome fashion and media. Who could resist Japanese style, or as they say in Japan "Nihon-Teki"?
Let's talk about Cinnamaroll, who was dreamed-up by Sanrio in the early 2000's and has become a total sensation in manga, kawaii products and decor.
Cinnamaroll and Cafe Cinnamon from Sanrio
Allow me to introduce Cinnamaroll and his fellow kawaii puppy Friends...
When he was a young puppy, Cinnamaroll fell from his magical home in the clouds down to a delicious-smelling place on Earth called Cafe Cinnamon. The cafe owner took in the scared little pup who fell instantly in love with the wonderful baked goods. His adorable tail was plump and curled up just like a cinnamon roll, so she named him Cinnamoroll.
He soon became Cafe Cinnamon's official mascot. He is shy, a little nervous, but super cute and he cares a lot about his friends and the cafe. He still has his magical powers and can fly through the air by flapping his big puppy ears. This magical skill often helps him and his gang get out of the troubles they stumble into!
Sanrio Cinnamaroll Mascot
Following right in Cinnamaroll's kawaii footsteps is little baby puppy Milk. He is one of our favorite of Cinnamaroll's sidekicks.
He is quite brave for a tiny pup, and comes along with Cinnamaroll and his crew for lots of their adventures. Milk can't talk yet, so he only ever says "BABOO!". He has a pure white coat just like Cinnamaroll and keeps his pacifier and milk bottle close by.
Sanrio Milk Cinnamaroll Mascot
Mocha is one of Cinnamaroll's girl puppy friends. She is really goofy, and is a star character of the Cinnamaroll manga.
She has many interests and is a bit of a girly-girl. She's a dreamer, and thinks she might want to be a pop star when she grows up! She's funny and a bit of a prankster, and she uses her magical hair clips from time to time because as you can probably tell by now this gang is always getting into trouble.
Sanrio Mocha Cinnamaroll Mascot
So, those are our favorites...but the Cinnamaroll story goes on and on. Who knows where they will take it next. There is no shortage of hilarious situations and good, clean, cute fun with this set of kawaii puppies.
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