Who is Rilakkuma...And Why is this Kawaii Bear so Incredibly Loveable?!

  I have to admit that before I worked at World of Squishies I didn't know who Rilakkuma was. Now I say the name 10 times a day and it seems like he is everywhere! So, who is this Rilakkuma character and why has the world fallen so deeply in love with him?
Who is Rilakkuma?
  Rilakkuma, which translates to “Relaxed Bear”, was created by the Japanese company San-X. The kawaii bear and his friends became popular as comic characters, but then caught on as so much more. In a high-paced world with so much to do and see, Rilakkuma remains so calm and stress-free! He has become a symbol of pure cuteness and a carefree lifestyle, concepts which prove especially appealing in the bustling and hard-working country of Japan.

The Rilakkuma story goes like this...

  This small but adorable bear found its way into a hard-working office lady's apartment one day. As she bustled about getting things done, he lazily lounged there doing nothing but eating and thinking of snacks to eat. Rilakkuma continued to hang around uselessly, luxuriating in the bathtub and ignoring tasks that busy Kaoru (the office lady) could use help with. In time, additional characters are introduced to form an even more strange and hilarious group.
   Korilakkuma, meaning "little Rilakkuma", also mysteriously appears in the apartment and the plot thickens. Korillakuma is tiny, as the name would suggest, and has a lighter blonde fur. She is a trickster, always playing pranks and full of energy unlike lazy Rilakkuma. She loves strawberries which makes for some very adorable scenes.
   Kiiroitori, meaning "yellow bird", is Kaoru's pet who is basically the opposite of Rilakkuma. He is tidy and mature, and loves to save up the money that he finds while cleaning around the apartment. He sometimes gets bummed because the two bears are always playing and relaxing without a speck of guilt. Kiiroitori feels obligated and actually enjoys housework, but wishes he could be more fun-loving like the bears are. Maybe we all feel that way, and that's why we love these characters so much (we've all known a Rilakkuma or two in our lives)!
Rilakkuma Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori
  As World of Squishies has fallen in love with Rilakkuma, we have started carrying more and more squishies featuring this character. We have some great options in stock now, and a few more on the way too! Take a look at these cuties, and I'm sure you will fall in love too...

Rilakkuma Squishies at W.O.S.

Rilakkuma Dipped Cake Squishy
Rilakkuma with Hamburger SquishyRilakkuma Ice Cream Cone SquishyRilakkuma DonutRilakkuma ToastRilakkuma XL Swiss Roll Squishy
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