World of Squishies Gift Cards...Because Sometimes, It's Too Hard to Choose!

Having trouble picking out that perfect gift for your favorite squishy-lover?

Or maybe you forgot to buy a gift and you need one, like, NOW?!?

I know, it's kind of overwhelming. So many brands, so many styles...
We get a lot of orders for squishies that are sent as gifts. We also get a lot of inquiries from customers who are having trouble picking which products will be best for their favorite squishy-lover.
AND SO, we realized we should really offer a gift card option!

World of Squishies Gift Card

Here's how it works:

Simply purchase a Gift Card in the amount of your choice. Gift Card values range from $10 - $250, and you can always combine them if you don't see your desired amount (for example, if you want to give a gift with the value of $110 you would purchase one for $100 combined with a second for $10).

There is absolutely no fee, so if you purchase a gift card in the amount of $100, that full $100 can be spent by the recipient!

Our gift cards are SO easy to redeem. Immediately after your order is completed, you will receive an email like this confirming your purchase with a link to your gift card:


Click the "View your gift card" button to either view or print your gift card. You can forward this email to the recipient to give your gift instantly, or print it out and send it in a greeting card if you're old school!

Your gift card will have a Scan Code as well as a unique Redemption ID. Use either redemption method at checkout to apply the value of your gift card to your order (your code goes in the "discounts" field at checkout).

Don't spend it all in one place! Or do, with the World of Squishies Gift Card it really doesn't matter because your balance can be used at any time. For example, if you have a gift card for $50 but your order total is only $35, your remaining $15 will be available for future orders. Just use the same Redemption ID on your next purchase and your remaining balance will be applied.

No need to calculate exactly what items you can get -- If your order total is under the value of your gift card you can use that balance next time, and if you go over the value of your gift card the rest can be applied to whatever payment method you choose at checkout.

It's That Easy!


  So please enjoy this new feature at World of Squishies, and if you have any questions at all we are always here to answer them.

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