Hey everybody! We are so excited to announce that World of Squishies Owners Julian and Rachel have had a baby this week. Look out for some cute pictures of the little guy coming soon!!!

While we settle in with this new addition to our family, please feel free to shop the site and send any questions or inquiries our way, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT ORDER PROCESSING TIME WILL TEMPORARILY BE EXTENDED TO 3 BUSINESS DAYS. This means that if your order is placed by 4:00 PM Easter Time, it will enter the mail by the 3rd following business day (For example if you order on Monday, it will ship by Thursday). Orders placed after 4:00 will ship one day later since they were received after business hours. Your arrival date will depend on the shipping service you select at checkout.

Thank you for your patience during this adjustment period, and we look forward to getting back into Squishy World ASAP.

Happy Squishing!!!

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