Japanese Daifuku Stretchy Squishy Charm - IMPERFECT


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This one has a broken lid, but the mochi inside is all good!...


It's as if you were shopping in a Japanese corner store! These realistic Japanese Daifuku Stretchy Squishies are individually packaged in a great-looking, resealable container, and they're scented too...SOOO cute. Each variety has its own label and graphics. These mochi are both stretchy and squishy, and come with a premium metal chain for use as a charm. Each carton is about 2.5'' square.

This listing is a grab bag, so you will receive one of the many styles at random. If you order more than one, we will be sure to select a variety for you.

*Note that these come in an air-tight bag, so allow the mochi to air out for a couple hours before playing so the scent is not so strong. After airing out it will have a nice, perfume scent.

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