Mojelly Koala Squishy

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Mojelly is a newer squishy brand with simply amazing quality. The Mojelly Koala Squishy is a great, jumbo size with a suuuuuper slow rising consistency and a heavenly scent as well. They sit up on their own and balance surprisingly well as you squeeze and squish them. They also come in a wonderfully adorable resealable package. We carry this little cutey in two colors.

This first Mojelly shipment is going to sell out FAST, but we want to quickly restock your favorite styles. Please let us and others know what you think about the brand and their products! Easily rate them here on the product listing page, or shout it out on social @worldofsquish and @mojellysquishy6. We are confident you will love these like we do, and want to help get the word out that Mojelly is doing some amazing work out there in the wonderful world of squishies. So help us make some noise!!!

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