Premium Summer Fruit Basket *Seasonal Exclusive*

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Exclusively from World of Squishies, this hand-picked collection of kawaii fruit squishies come together in our awesome Premium Summer Fruit Basket. This is a special item available only this season and designed just for World of Squishies customers!

This set includes 5 premium squishies in a colorful bucket with festive wrapping and a decorative sign. The Premium Summer Fruit Basket is perfect as a gift for your favorite squishy-lover, but also a great display to show off these popular squishies in your own collection.

Bulk sets like this one are a great way to boost your collection and get a discount on hard to find squishies!

The Jumbo iBloom Peach has been replaced with the iBloom Strawberry (thanks for all the love, but we need to restock!!!). The good news is that the price has been lowered to make up for the switch.

The following squishies are included in this set: Areedy Premium Scented Apple, iBloom Strawberry, Kiibru Mangosteen, Areedy Mango, & Areedy Banana

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