White Bread Half Moon and DIY Squishy Charm - IMPERFECT


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These are in the imperfects bin because the metal clasp caused some discoloration on the squishy material. They would still be perfect as a blank squishy for DIY designs!...

These have some discoloration around the metal clasp, but if you are painting over them it won't matter at all!...


Dress up your cell phone or book bag with this classic White Bread Half Moon Squishy Charm. Or, design your own squishy with our White Bread Half Moon Squishy to make a one-of-a-kind original squishy! The half moon shape has so many possibilities. Paint them into fruit slices, hedgehogs, adorable cars, rainbows, the man in the moon...HAVE FUN!

See our quick demo on making a simple watermelon slice with just 2 paint colors, a paint pen and about 10 minutes....

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